Stationary Self-Contained Compactors and Transfer Stations Design Guide

Sept. 25, 2014

SP Industries Stationary Self-Contained Compactors and Transfer Stations Design Guide offers information and specifications about all SP Industry’s Stationary Compactor Models in one convenient place. The guide reviews compactor types and functions, construction design and materials, and information on how to size the compactor to an application’s capacity requirements. There are a wide variety of user-selected standard and optional features detailed in the Design Guide.

This guide helps customers review critical compactor design, construction and component functions to help identify the right solution. Determining the best combination of standard and optional features to match specific design and application needs allows SP Industries to ensure its equipment meets customer performance and budget expectations. Filled with photos and helpful illustrations, the Design Guide provides a step-by-step guide for determining requirements such as compactor type and size and compares compactors side by side. Details of standard and optional structural features that promote maximum configurability are laid out clearly in the Guide.For heavy duty industrial, commercial and precrusher applications, SP Industries designs and manufactures custom tailored units for specific applications.