Position Sensing System

Nov. 27, 2018
Kaman's sensing system supports both dual and single coil sensors.

The OEM-2306 non-contact linear displacement measuring instrument, using eddy current technology, offers the same high performance machine control as the KD-2306 signal conditioning electronics in a convenient smaller, bare PC board format.


The OEM-2306 is factory configured for each unique application, delivering lower costs in higher volume applications. The system’s board level configuration makes it ideal for integration into OEM equipment. Additionally, the OEM-2306 is RoHS compliant and supports the full line of Kaman sensors.


The OEM-2306 delivers high resolution, high frequency response, and good linearity, thereby ensuring the high performance data and process control that OEM customers require. The OEM-2306 is a cost-effective replacement for linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs), air gauges, dial indicators, and micrometers.


Many aspects of the physical configuration and calibration of the instrument can be specified and customized to the needs of each individual high-volume OEM application, including extending the sensor cable, extended range calibration, temperature compensation calibration, and sensor customization.

Non-contact position sensing using eddy current technology specifically for OEM applications:

  • Supports both dual and single coil sensors
  • Terminal I/O connections
  • Analog DC single ended and bipolar voltage outputs
  • Front PCB accessible coarse and fine calibration controls
  • RoHS compliant