Small Rotary Compressors

Oct. 28, 2014

The RS11-22kW and RS15-22kW are the first compressors in the Next Generation R-Series line specifically designed for small commercial operations. The RS15-22kW unit includes premium features out-of-the-box and is available with a fixed-speed or variable speed drive (VSD) motor. This model debuts a brand new airend design that produces 20 percent more airflow compared to previous Ingersoll Rand compressors of this capacity, resulting in more energy savings. The RS11-22kW houses a redesigned cooling system and increases energy efficiency up to 12 percent compared to legacy UP6 compressors.


Premium Components Come Standard; Translates to World-Class Efficiency
What was once an upgrade is now standard on the RS15-22kW ie and ne models.

  • The ne (VSD) unit is rated to operate efficiently in temperatures up to 115°F
  • V-Shield technology enhances repeatability. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) stainless steel-braided oil hoses and O-ring face seals mitigate the risk of oil leaks and pressure loss throughout the compressor system.
  • RS15-22kW Total Air System (TAS) packages feature a three-phase dryer, which only requires one power input for the entire system. This saves the expense of a separate power line and simplifies set up. The dryer also has two power settings. The first mode runs continuously to ensure consistent, dry air. The on/off mode helps customers save energy costs based on air demand.
  • RS15-22kW controllers have Progressive Adaptive Control (PAC). PAC is a unique algorithm that monitors key performance parameters to indicate when parts require maintenance or if temperatures reach the maximum temperature threshold. The controller automatically adjusts the equipment parameters to keep the machines running efficiently.


System Reliability Improves with Add-on Components and Service Options
Manufacturers can customize compressors based on their unique requirements and operating conditions:

  • TAS: Both systems are available as TAS packages. TAS compressor packages include air treatment equipment inside the units which provide clean, dry air in an all-in-one package.
  • Drain Valves: Customers that purchase RS11-22kW units will have a timer drain included. Electronic no-loss drain valves are available as an upgrade for RS15-22kW compressors. These components automatically drain water from a system.
  • Outdoor Modification: Storing equipment indoors isn’t always an option for space-limited facilities. The outdoor modification option protects sensitive electric components from moisture and debris. With this rating, compressors can operate in temperatures between 35 and 115°F
  • Low Ambient: When temperatures dip below-freezing it impacts system efficiency. The low ambient add-on feature includes internal heaters to prevent condensation from freezing.
  • Cooling System: This innovative, free-floating system allows heat exchangers to expand and contract to reduce thermal stress. It also increases efficiency and system durability.
  • Phase Monitor: The phase monitor prevents a compressor from starting up if it’s wired incorrectly, which protects the motor from crashing.
  • Power Out Restart On (PORO): If a compressor loses power, operators can rest assured that their equipment will automatically turn back on with the previously-defined settings.
  • CARE Service Programs: Ingersoll Rand offers a full suite of service programs that support Next Generation R-Series compressors. PartsCARE agreements provide customers with five years of additional coverage on their compressor’s airend. The program sends scheduled maintenance reminders and delivers genuine OEM parts to keep equipment running at peak efficiency.


Both RS11-22kW and RS15-22kW units are available with a 120 or 240-gallon air storage tank and include Xe-Series controllers.


  • More reliability with new floating coolers and Teflon hoses to help prevent downtime
  • Simple to service with easily removable panels that make maintenance a snap
  • Smaller footprint means more room for other things in your facility, and easier installation
  • Lower operating costs with newly designed airends that increase airflow with less energy consumption
  • Leak-free design of Teflon hoses and O-Ring face seals eliminate seepage issues
  • Fully compatible with all Ingersoll Rand complete compression systems for easy replacement of old equipment