Telescoping Light Pole System

Oct. 24, 2014

Power management company Eaton today introduced the V-Spring™ Telescoping Light Pole from its Crouse-Hinds business, designed to increase safety and reduce labor costs associated with installing and maintaining lights at industrial facilities. The controlled lowering pole features spring assistance to easily move the fixture up and down vertically.  The V-Spring™ system may prevent the need for worker’s to work at heights when they need to clean or repair the light.   “At this very moment, nearly one-third of all lights in industrial facilities are not working, leading to the fact that a staggering 34 percent of all electrical incidents at industrial facilities are related to lighting,” said Bradford Morse, industrial fittings global product line manager, Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds business. 

“Our newest solution allows operators to quickly and safely maintain lighting throughout a facility by bringing the light fixture to the worker rather than the other way around.” The V-Spring™ Telescoping Light Pole enables work to be completed on the walkway or platform.  It uses spring assistance to offset the pole and the light’s weight and enables a worker to safely and easily lower or raise the light fixture. The innovative system reduces the necessary number of workers as well as the time it takes to install, clean, or repair the light fixture. By removing the need to work at heights, the V-Spring™ lowering pole can contribute to decreased regulatory costs. The V-Spring™ is fully adjustable from five to ten feet and travels vertically as opposed to traditional solutions that follow a 45-degree rotational path. It can be locked into any height position without requiring nuts, safety pins or tethers. 

A sturdy 2-inch base pole comes standard on all models and is constructed to meet high structural wind ratings. The new V-Spring™ Telescoping Light Pole system comes fully assembled and can be supplied complete with Eaton fixtures and fittings. Inside the pole, the design provides protection of the CSA/UL 12/3 cable from moisture and from spring mechanism. Available with a variety of mounting brackets to meet most applications, the V-Spring™ pole is ideal for use in oil and gas applications, mining, power plants and other industrial settings. 

  • easily move the fixture up and down vertically