Single Channel Vibration Documentation Tool

Dec. 8, 2014

GTI Predictive Technology, Inc., creators of the iPad Vibration Analyzer, is proud to unveil VibeRMS LT - the complete, affordable condition documentation solution for iPad.  Developed for the iPad, VibeRMS LT is a single channel vibration documentation tool. Users can view live vibration data (velocity, acceleration, displacement) and create reports at the site on the iPad. Reports include machine data, spectrum data, alerts and alarms, user notes and integrated photos from the iPad. The Build Machine function includes templates for common machine types (motors, pumps, fans) and the ability to combine machine types to create machine train templates. Machine templates can also be built on-site using a photograph of the machine. Measurement points are added by the user to complete the template. VibeRMS takes advantage many of the functions included in the iPad like camera functions, touch screen, and instant e-mail of reports. VibeRMS LT is a great tool for documenting:

  • Incoming and outgoing inspection of new and repaired equipment
  • Certification of newly installed machines
  • Field commissioning
  • As a companion to any laser alignment tool for detailed as found and as left condition data 

VibeRMS LT includes iPad Mini2, VibeRMS Software, accelerometer with magnet base and industrial case.

  • view live vibration data 
  • create reports at the site on the iPad