SCR drives are the workhorse of the variable speed DC motor industry.  This technology continues to dominate not only installed base but new sales every year, and will continue to do so well into the future.  The reason is simplicity, reliability and value.

Dart SCR drives convert single phase line voltage (120/240VAC) into full-wave rectified DC for use with both DC permanent magnet and shunt or field wound DC motors.  SCR drives control the motor speed by adjusting the voltage output to the drive.  Current (amp) draw is determined by the motor and its load – drives with Current Limit feature will protect both the motor and control from damage.

Dart drives are designed with both the OEM designer and the user in mind – some common features include:

  • Auto-sensing dual supply voltage (120 or 240VAC)
  • Wide adjustable HP range
  • No additional parts to order/manage (speed pots; resistors)
  • Both ‘chassis’ (open frame) and enclosed model options
  • Popular options to address reversing, signal following, wash down


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• Dual Voltage 120/240 VAC or 24/36 VAC, 50/60Hz

• ± 10% rated line voltage

• Adjustable horsepower settings

• Barrier terminal strip

• Full wave bridge supply

• 1% speed regulation

• Adjustable Minimum speed (0–30% of base)

• Adjustable Maximum speed (66–100% of base)

• Adjustable IR Compensation

• Adjustable Current Limit

• Adjustable Linear Acceleration & Deceleration

• -10° to +45°C ambient temperature

• Line voltage compensation

• 5K ohm speed potentiometer kit included

• 50:1 speed range

• Overload capacity: 200% for one minute

• Transient voltage protection

• Voltage follower mode - isolated signal (0–12 VDC)

• Inhibit circuit–permits low power start & stop