Digital Pressure Switch/Sensor

Jan. 8, 2015

PISCO USA, INC.’s new Large Digital Pressure Switch/Sensor 31 Series offers easy and efficient changeover from seven different units of pressure. Virtually eliminating the need for conversion, the 31 Series display can be set to and easily changed from psi, inHg, kPa, MPA, kgf/cm2, bar and mmHg. Meeting the requirements of non-corrosive and non-flammable gas applications, the 31 Series is available in three models: the VUS-31R-N (compound pressure), the VUS-31-N (negative pressure) and the SEU-31-N (positive pressure).  These pressure switches are equipped with high visibility 3- color LCD dual displays. The easy-to-read display features color-coded main- (pressure value) and sub- (set point) numbering.

The 31 Series is affordable and offers excellent cost performance. A power saving (sleep) mode is automatically entered after 30 seconds of inactivity, reducing power consumption by 30%. A built-in locking function prevents accidental output if a key is pushed in error. A key symbol is shown when the function is activated. Featuring a width and height of 30mm, the 31 Series Pressure Switch is designed to save space. The 31 Series comes fitted with either a 2-meter cable or a 4-pin M8 male connector and offers 2 NPN or 2 PNP output, as well as analog voltage or current output.

  • efficient changeover from seven different units of pressure
  • available in three models
  • power saving (sleep) mode