Precision Hollow Shaft Stage

Feb. 10, 2015

Applimotion introduces a direct drive, precision servo motor system in a compact NEMA 23 footprint. The unique rotary stage is a customizable, hollow shaft direct drive motor system with a precision encoder and bearings in a convenient NEMA 23 compatible package. For years, OEMs have routinely designed Applimotion ULT, UTH, UTS, and UTO frameless motor kits into unique direct drive systems. With the introduction of this precision servo system, automation and OEM engineers can easily add a hollow shaft precision stage and quickly realize the precise positioning and smooth motion that this direct drive system offers, all in the disguise of a typical NEMA 23 motor. To further ease implementation, options for a range of effective encoder resolutions are available as well as choices between Applimotion’s higher torque ULT or ultra-smooth UTS slotless motor technologies.

NEMA 23 motors are common in industry. Having a customizable, precision hollow bore version is not. With a scalable encoder paired with high precision bearings, Applimotion’s precision stage is up to the task of fine positioning applications. Whether you have a polarizer, scanning, precision optics pointing system, or other automation application that simply needs a through hole, Applimotion’s precision stage may be the answer.

  • compact NEMA 23 footprint
  • customizable