Vibration Meter - BALMAC Inc

Jan. 14, 2015

The Balmac VPM Meter is a portable, hand-held meter that allows inspectors, contractors and operators to accurately measure vibrations in Vibrations Per Minute.   Applications include concrete consolidation equipment such as internal and external concrete vibrators, shaker tables and vibrating screens and vibrating bulk solids processing equipment such as bins, hoppers and conveyors.

The VPM Meter is more accurate and easier to use than any vibrating reed tach. Operators simply press  the Measure button and firmly press the VPM Meter onto the surface to be measured.  The LED display directly shows the Vibrator’s Vibrations Per Minute. Typical measurements are accurate within 10 VPM’s.   The Balmac VPM Meter measures from 1,200 to 19,999 Vibrations Per Minute.  The VPM Meter operates on a standard 9-Volt Battery, features an Automatic Shut-Off to conserve battery life and a Low Battery Indicator.

  • accurately measure vibrations
  • LED display
  • measures from 1,200 to 19,999 Vibrations Per Minute