"TAB Wrapper Tornado Orbital Wrapping" is an extensive brochure that presents the company's patent-pending technology in action at a variety of metal fabrication, powder processing, and building products distribution facilities to demonstrate how the wrapping systems ease the packaging process for busy material handling and operations managers across a diverse range of industries. Proven to speed pallet wrapping from five minutes to one minute or less, the TAB Wrapper Tornado systems wrap plastic film 360-deg. around and under a pallet load to secure the load to the pallet and create a sturdy, unitized load that resists shifting in transit and storage, safeguards the product from exposure to the elements and arrives safely upon delivery without banding, boxing or strapping.


The brochure highlights how a forklift driver can operate the TAB Wrapper Tornado by optional, wireless remote control without leaving the seat and quotes packaging professionals who have transformed their wrapping process from three people to one person while improving worker safety. A labor savings calculator comparing the time and money saved annually and per pallet load when integrating the TAB Wrapper Tornado in a typical installation is also included. Typical savings meet or exceed $13,820.63 per year and $2.13 per wrapped pallet load. The brochure also introduces Tom and Andy Brizek, the father and son tandem who developed the patent-pending technology and manage the operation, respectively.