CoroMill 415 High-Feed Milling Cutter

Nov. 9, 2016
CoroMill 415 milling cutter for 13 to 25-mm and 0.500 to 1.000-in. diameters boasts enhanced security.

CoroMill 415 milling cutter for 13 to 25 mm (0.5 to 1 in.) diameter boasts enhanced security due to iLock insert seat interface technology, and high metal removal rates as a result of high cutter density and high feed capacity.


CoroMill 415 covers the application area between the company's current round tools product offer and existing high-feed products such as CoroMill 210 and CoroMill 419. The cutter’s iLock insert seat interface reduces the potential for scrap workpieces. In addition, the insert seat itself ensures that the small inserts are easier to handle.

  • High-feed rough face milling and pocketing
  • Ramping capacity
  • Diameter: 13 to 32 mm (0.5 to 1 in.)
  • IC05: ap max 0.8 mm (0.03 in.)
  • IC07: ap max 1 mm (0.05 in.)