Amprobe® introduces the BAT-250 Battery Tester, a convenient, one-handed tester for determining the charge of a battery. The BAT-250 tests a wide variety of standard and rechargeable batteries, including 9 V, AAA, AA, C, D, and 1.5 V button/coin/watch types. The uniquely designed tester features an ergonomic slider and v-shaped side cradle to hold batteries in place during testing, as well as high-quality 9 V contacts for simple error-free tests. Its contoured case fits comfortably in your hand and the large, upright display quickly and clearly indicates if batteries are good, low, or need replacing. “There’s nothing as frustrating as having a battery run out of power when you need it most,” said John Hyacinth, senior engineer at Amprobe. “The Amprobe BAT-250 quickly indicates the remaining available voltage in a battery, so you will always know whether your batteries are good or should be replaced — no more worries of throwing away good batteries. And it doesn’t even need a battery of its own to work.”
  • high-quality 9 V contacts
  • indicates if batteries are good, low, or need replacing