Intelligent Instrumentation announces the release of the environmentally rugged CTM280 data terminal for use in marginal operating environments.  The CTM280 is the newest member of the “microterminal” line of compact, flexible, and low-cost serial data terminals.  Microterminals are frequently used as OEM operator terminals to interface with machines, and in other HMI functions where small size and environmental ruggedness is important.  The new CTM280 is designed to be especially suited for low light and/or very cold operating environments.  Featuring a large easy-to-read red LED character display, it is suitable for operation in temperatures as low as -20° C and in complete darkness.

The compact CTM280 terminal has a 24-key alphanumeric keyboard with six lighted, host programmable function keys for easy operator input. The silicon rubber keys provide environmental sealing with tactile feedback and both key click and key repeat functions. Designed for either recess or panel mounting, the terminals are an ideal choice for applications where space is at a premium. Cases are available in beige or gray colors. Mounting clips and other installation accessories are available.   The CTM280 has a 16-character display with an 80-character buffer that is accessible by simply scrolling the character window.  The host computer has full control of the terminal via a powerful set of command or Escape sequences, including screen format, the location of the visible display window, the programming of the function keys, and the communication with both the host and attached devices.  

The CTM280 terminal has two ports, one RS232C port for connecting to the host computer, and an auxiliary port that may be used for Digital IO and Serial Pass-Through.

  • for low light and/or very cold operating environments
  • 24-key alphanumeric keyboard
  • 16-character display