Conveyor Belt for Corrugated Board Production

April 14, 2023
Nextwire's board belt for corrugated board production ensures constant electrostatic dissipation and prevents the corrugated board from adhering to the belt.

GKD Bluebacker corrugated board belt for the double facer is fitted with Conducto technology which ensures constant electrostatic dissipation and prevents the corrugated board from adhering to the belt. The Bluebacker is a two-in-one solution for corrugated board production and consists of a robust and open mesh design with 135 CFM. Production speed can be increased by 50% with drive energy reduced by 15%.


Bluebacker mesh consists of a multilayer combination; the base mesh is made of monofilaments that absorb forces and loads during the production process, preventing the risk of elongation of the belt throughout its entire service life. This guarantees a high degree of cross-stability and requires less assembly work. Combined with the thermosetting of the belt, the special mesh design results in consistent dimensional stability.


The transport/traction level is produced from a special staple fiber yarn and aramid. This ensures the corrugated board is safely transported and securely gripped. Wear is minimized, which leads to a longer service life with no adhesion problems. The edge reinforcement of this mesh level protects the belt from lateral abrasion, even when working with narrow production widths. The staple fiber yarn generates an ideal balance of moisture absorption and release, and noise emissions are also reduced. The third element, an inner bronze wire, generates a constant electrostatic discharge so that the corrugated board is not able to adhere to the belt. The use of Conducto technology also reduces the risk of fire.


In its uncoated form, the lower belt is suitable for all corrugated board production systems, press systems, and operating speeds. In the silicone-coated version, the paper grip is significantly increased, which makes the belt suited for heavy corrugated board combinations and paper with a smooth surface. The special coating is abrasion-resistant and high-temperature resistant, guaranteeing a long, trouble-free service life and consistent quality/product properties, even when used at maximum production speed.

  • Hybrid mesh with interwoven bronze wire
  • Long service life
  • Significant savings in drive energy due to the lower weight per unit area
  • Constant electrical dissipation thanks to Conducto technology
  • Dimensional stability thanks to thermosetting and special mesh design