Synthetic Dust Collector Filter

April 25, 2015
The new HemiPleat® Synthetic dust collector filter from Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) combines a high efficiency synthetic media with proprietary open-pleat technology for exceptional performance and long life in harsh, humid environments. The washable media is resistant to moisture and can handle heavy dust loading conditions and/or hygroscopic or sticky dusts generated in food, pharmaceutical and many other processes. The HemiPleat Synthetic filter uses a lightweight, 100% spun bond polyester media in a pleated design that maximizes surface area while maintaining open pleat spacing. The wider spacing of the patented HemiPleat design exposes more media to the air stream, resulting in lower pressure drop and improved dust release during pulse cleaning. Sturdy and durable, this moisture resistant media may be washed and reused in many applications with operating temperatures up to 160 degrees F. HemiPleat Synthetic is available in a standard version or a nano fiber media version that uses Camfil APC's proprietary "eXtreme" media technology. The nano fiber layer acts like a pre-filter that enhances surface loading of dust, keeping most particles from embedding in the base media. This enhances the filter's efficiency as well as its cleaning ability for longer service life. The standard media is rated at MERV 11, and the nano fiber media is rated at a MERV 15 filtration efficiency based on the ASHRAE 52.2 test standard.
  • Filtration Efficiency: MERV 15
  • Filter Material: 100% spun bond polyester
  • Operating Temperatures: Up to 160° F