Dry Cleaning System for Power Train Components

July 20, 2015
EcoCVac dry-cleaning system has been developed for an energy-saving intermediate cleaning of powertrain parts such as cylinder heads and crankcases in modern engine and transmission production lines. Unlike the pneumatic cleaning equipment conventionally employed between machining operations, the EcoCVac process uses no compressed air at all and hence, eliminates the energy-intensive compressed air generating step. This saves more than 50% of energy. A further advantage is that contaminants will be removed not just from the part, but from the working chamber as well. As a result, the system's process reliability and availability are both enhanced.

The EcoCVac shines with its improved process reliability. The chips are removed not only from the part but also from the work chamber, the risk of re-contamination is minimized. The chamber must hence be cleaned less often, and at a clearly reduced cost and effort. Moreover, unlike conventional compressed-air systems, there are no nozzles to be aligned relative to the part, e.g., during commissioning or after a collision.

  • Cleans power traincomponents
  • Saves more than 50% of energy
  • No nozzles to be aligned relative to the part
  • Minimal risk of re-contamination