Hand-Held Pneumatic Cutter

Sept. 23, 2015
Model MR30A Hand-Held Air-Operated Cutter is ergonomically designed and uses 85 PSI air pressure, creating 617 lb of cutting force.  The cutter is capable of cutting .130ø copper, .110ø steel and .047ø piano wire.  Three blade types are available to provide end cuts, center cuts, or diagonal cuts. Diagonal carbide blades are also available. The tool is 7-in. long and 2 13/64-in. diam. It weighs 1.2 lb and requires 1/4-in. NPT air connection.
  • Cuts .130ø copper, .110ø steel and .047ø piano wire
  • air-powered
  • 85 psi
  • 617 lb of cutting force