Trailer-Mounted Light Mast Extends 40 Feet

Sept. 16, 2015
The LM-40-4S-TLR four stage light mast, which folds over on the single-axle, 14-foot trailer it's mounted to, is easy to transport and features a rotating boom for 360 deg rotation. The light boom extends up to 40 feet and collapses down to 13 feet. The mast head can be removed for storing mounted equipment when not being used. The trailer can support and haul an additional 3,500 pounds of equipment. A standard two inch ball coupling, two standard safety chains, and a four pin flat trailer plug allow for easy hookup and towing ability.
  • extend 40 feet
  • Rotates 360 deg
  • Mounts on single-axle, 14 X 6 ft trailer
  • Trailer can haul additional 3,500 lb