Multi-Color Sign & Label Printers (BBP35 & BBP37)

Oct. 7, 2015

BBP37 and BBP35 Sign and Label Printer feature multiple print colors, text and shape-cutting capabilities, and fast print speeds to give users the power to make signs and labels that make an impact—right at their own facility. The ease of creating multi-colored, custom-shaped signs will ensure the communication of safety and increase productivity.


The printers offer a wide variety of Brady’s durable label supplies, as well. With over 300 part options, users have the labels and ribbons to meet various application needs, including GHS chemical labels, circle gauge labels, pipe markers, lockout tags, magnetic inventory labels, floor marking tape, reflective tape, arc flash labels, 10-year durability indoor/outdoor labels

  • Multiple Print Colors: Both printers feature remarkable color printing because color is a differentiator when it comes to effectively improving workplace safety and productivity
  • Shape-Cutting: The BBP37 printer features a built-in XY plotter-cutter system that allows users to cut out shapes and text, or cut around the message
  • Faster Printing: Both printers feature automatic label setup so users can start printing immediately, drop-in ribbons and labels for 20-second material changeovers, and 5-inches-per-second print speed
  • Ease of Use: Designed to be intuitive so anyone can easily print labels, these printers are ideal for multiple users, centralized locations and lean/5S events. They’re also compatible with Brady Workstation Label Apps for added versatility