The lightweight and versatile Icecut 100 and 200 implement an Accudrill safety amp meter to achieve the most productive drilling operation and prevents the motor from overloading and overheating.

In addition, the Icecut models also include material and thickness detectors. This device will not allow the drill to start when the magnetic holding power is insufficient to secure the unit to the work piece and operate safely.

The Icecut 100 weighs 22 lb and is the only lightweight, mobile system that can provide both maximum cutting efficiency and safety with 850 w of power and 600 RPMs. The Icecut 200 for heavy duty applications weights 27 lb and operates at 300 RPMs and 600 RPMs.

  • Accudrill safety amp meter
  • Thickness detector
  • Icecut 100: weighs 22 lb, 850 w, 600 rpms
  • Icecut 200: weighs 27 lb, 300 and 600 rpms