Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming Presses with Faster Cycle Times

Nov. 11, 2015

Triform Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming Presses, 20-10-10BD, 25-10-12BD and 32-10-12BD models, boast faster cycle times while maintaining the same ‘Infinite Life’ structural standards. This ‘block design’ containment strategy is on the 12 and 16-in. Deep Draw presses, as well as the full line of Fluid Cell presses.

The standard, efficient and ergonomic tool change system that will greatly reduce changeover times. A cartridge-style chamber is conveyed through the rear opening of the press, presenting the blank holder and punch to the operator. An optional t-table allows the operator to stage a secondary cartridge (including the blank holder and punch) for even faster tool changes. The system also allows the press to quickly convert from a Deep Draw configuration to a Fluid Cell configuration, for shallow forming without the need for a movable punch tool.

  • compatible with existing hydroforming tooling
  • equipped with Triform’s standard, efficient and ergonomic tool change system
  • BD designs are configurable, giving the customer options for either a horizontal layout (with the hydraulic power unit positioned to the side of the forming chamber), or a vertical one, which features a crown-mounted HPU