This line of modular monitoring systems for energy management includes specific loggers for small to large projects.

For small to medium projects: VMU-C EM is a combination of hardware modules, whose primary function is to collect data from a network of energy meters and environmental sensors and then make this data available to end users utilizing industry standard methods, such as integrated web server,  FTP, HTTP and Modbus/TCP data transfers.

For, medium to larger projects: VMU-Y EM is a data aggregator that is built upon the VMU-C EM hardware platform, with a primary function of aggregating data from a network of VMU-C EM data loggers in applications where support for more than 32 energy meters is required. The VMU-Y EM relies on VMU-C EM data loggers to collect the data from energy meters and environmental sensors, but it is also responsible for the management of collected data and web server function. Up to 10 VMU-C EM / 320 meters can be managed by single VMU-Y EM.

For large projects: Em2 Server is a software solution provided as a Virtual Machine software appliance to be hosted either in a customer’s facility or remote server. Similar to the VMU-Y EM, the Em2 Server relies on the VMU-C EM for communication with energy meters. It aggregates data in large applications with up to 100 VMU-C EM loggers / 3,200 energy meters and provides web server function.  

VMU-C EM Features: •    Data logger for energy meters, environmental sensors and rate pulses •    Web server function & data transfer (FTP, HTTP Modbus/TCP slave) •    RS-485 and Ethernet communication with meters •    USB ports for communication and backup •    Micro SD card port for data backup •    Data management of electrical variables from up to 32 energy meters •    Support for most Carlo Gavazzi meters •    Support for non-Carlo Gavazzi meters with open Modbus tool •    Option for up to 33 dual I/O modules   •    Option for up to 11 analog, 22 temperature and 11 pulse rate inputs •    cUL listed product  VMUY-EM Features: •    Data aggregator for up to 10 VMU-C EM •    Web server and web services functions •    USB ports for communication and backup •    Micro SD card port •    cUL listed product EM2 Server Features: •    Software solution based on VMware® technology •    Data aggregator for up to 100 VMUC-EM •    Web server and web services functions •    Linux 64 bit operating system •    Enterprise level database engine •    DVD distribution