Shrink Labeler Raises the Bar in Precision Labeling

Feb. 20, 2016

PDC International Corporation has established a new and notably higher standard for precise shrink sleeve label orientation with its R-250-ERT Shrink Labeler. The R-250-ERT was engineered specifically for ovals, squares, rectangles and squeeze bottles – virtually any container considered “challenging” for conventional shrink labelers. Graphic orientation is critical on twin packs, sold in warehouse and club stores. 

The R-250-ERT was developed on PDC’s popular R-250 platform, a field-proven workhorse used worldwide by manufacturers and contract packers.

Like its predecessor, the R-250-ERT is a muscular system, built for continuous use.  One feature that facilitates its virtually zero downtime capability is PDC’s proprietary blade assembly. Designed as a heartier alternative to “spinning knives,” this unique cutting assembly delivers precision cuts for months, rather than days, and is a formidable alternative to the fragile knife configurations often found in conventional sleeving systems.  

Other features that support the system’s 24/7 operation include a tool-less changeover feature and a splice-on-the-fly accumulator that allows roll changes without halting production. 


  • Proprietary blade assembly
  • Tool-less changeover
  • Splice-on-the-fly accumulator