Foothold Cleaner and Degreaser

Sept. 30, 2022
Foothold by SLIPNOT puts worker safety and environmental responsibility at the forefront.

Offering safety and facility leaders new and innovative choices to help eliminate slips and falls in the workplace, Foothold is a powerful water-based cleaner and degreaser for reducing safety incidents in wet, greasy, and oily areas; while specially formulated for use with SLIPNOT products, Foothold is an all-purpose cleaner for areas of buildings with slip and fall hazards. The formulation is highly concentrated, non-toxic, and biodegradable; it also has a neutral pH.


Foothold lifts and suspends heavy soils, brine, fat, and blood from surfaces not damaged by water including walls, equipment, and various flooring materials such as rubber, metal, and epoxies. Foothold cleaner and degreaser does not leave film or residue that can delaminate flooring, foster bacteria growth or create new and unintended slip hazards.


The cleaner and degreaser is available in multiple sizes, compatible with electric vacuums, and effective when used with manual brushes.

  • Environmentally responsible: EPA approved and free of harsh ingredients such as butyl, phosphates, solvents or caustic sodas.
  • Safe: Non-toxic, water-based cleaning
  • Effective: Cleans multiple surfaces, including flooring, walls, and equipment
  • Versatile: Wash rubber, metal, and epoxies without damage
  • Economical: Highly concentrated, Foothold reduces costs