CVision AR Glasses for Real-Time Support

April 22, 2023
Cimcorp's AR glasses connect customers to the support team for fast, accurate, and secure virtual maintenance support.

An addition to Cimcorp's after-sales service range, CVision AR glasses enable Cimcorp's services team to assist customers remotely in real time. Backed by 24/7 support from Cimcorp experts, customers can minimize downtime and maximize production.


The glasses power bidirectional communication between the customer and support, letting support see the problem firsthand through a live video feed from the customer’s site—removing miscommunications and misunderstandings. Support also has the ability to add hand-drawn marks to the image to provide further directions or clarification. In addition, the glasses can translate over 100 languages, feature noise-canceling technology, and work by voice command.


CVision technology from Realwear is based on communication by Cisco, a leading networking company. The connection is secure and provides a safe platform for conversation.

  • Live video feed
  • Translation for more than 100 languages to remove communication barriers
  • Noise-canceling technology and voice command
  • Image annotation adds hand-drawn instructions on the image feed
  • An optional thermal camera identifies invisible problems