Standard-Knapp’s 939S Versatron Soft Catch Servo Case Packer is an ideal solution for a wide range of craft beer brewing and packaging operations. This machine features a two-axis servo system that allows the packer to gently catch the product as it descends into the case. With its convenient push-button height adjustment feature, the lift table moves the case to the up position and waits until the bottle grid is full. Once the grid is full, riding strips shift to the side to initiate the bottle descent. At the same time, the lift table moves the case downward on a velocity curve, ultimately reaching the same speed as the bottles at the time of contact. This “soft catch” feature ensures the gentle handling of bottles, reducing damage and breakage and therefore waste costs.

Options include:

  • right-angle or counterflow casefeed
  • color touch screen
  • flask handling
  • label protection strips