VeriSym Optical Inspection Systems

April 21, 2016
Symetix expands the value of its VeriSym optical inspection systems for solid dose pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals with the introduction of two new features – Cruise Control and Counting. Cruise Control precisely regulates VeriSym’s throughput, optimizing the inspection system to accurately remove defects and foreign softgels and tablets. The Counting tool eliminates the need for a weigh scale by enabling VeriSym to fill bulk boxes/containers to the desired count, which reduces capital costs, better utilizes floorspace and improves the accuracy of the count. These software-driven capabilities are available as an option on all new VeriSym systems, including the compact VeriSym SE, mid-size VeriSym SL and full-size VeriSym. The upgrade can be installed on any VeriSym in the field, with the addition of Symetix’s infeed shaker on select models.


  • verifies product color, size and shape
  • identifies and ejects  defects and foreign softgels and tablets from the product stream
  • ideal for product manufacturers and co-packers, operating continuously inline or in batch mode
  • inspects up to 300,000 softgels or tablets per hour; full-size VeriSym inspects up to 1,000,000 doses per hour
  • when inspecting softgels, it removes foreigners and defects such as spots, color variations, air bubbles and misshapen capsules
  • when inspecting coated tablets, it removes foreigners, broken tablets and tablets with major chips and missing coating