Ideal Cushioning for Air Cylinders Manual

June 9, 2016

Manual, entitled “The ABC’s of Pneumatic Cylinder Cushioning,” is available to instruct a user on how to achieve “Ideal Cushioning”.

Aventics “Ideal Cushioning” is a method to optimize cushioning leading to reduced shock/vibration, reduced noise and reduced cycle times. “Ideal Cushioning” means that the direction of travel of the piston is the same throughout the entire cushioning sequence (i.e. no piston bounce) and that its velocity is exactly zero when it reaches the end of its travel. The sound of end cover contact is negligible and the total cycle time is optimized. Thus, properly adjusted pneumatic cushioning has positive effects on the working environment and on the total working cycle time. Many OEMs and end users have used this method to greatly increase machinery productivity.

Benefits of “Ideal Cushioning” include:

  • Reduced cycle times – increasing productivity for the user, giving OEMs a competitive advantage
  • Reduced vibration – saving wear and tear on pneumatic components and machinery components, reducing maintenance, cost and downtime
  • Reduced noise – for a better working environment