Neo Laser Machine for Hard Materials Processing

Jan. 31, 2018
Agathon's laser machine offers ultra-compact design, easy accessibility and overall user-friendly ergonomics.

To meet the increasing utilization of super hard materials in today’s production processes, Neo Roughing Laser for accelerated processing rates has been introduced. The Neo has 3 mechanical axes and 3 optical axes for processing the periphery, clearance angles, and chip breakers. Easy to use without prior laser processing knowledge, the Neo Roughing Laser offers an ultra-compact design, easy accessibility, and overall user-friendly ergonomics as well as thermally stabilized construction for sustained production operations.


The Neo Roughing Laser produces 100-fold higher material removal rates compared to grinding, leaving the PCD product just a few hundredths of a millimeter away from the final dimension where a finishing grinding machine can complete the process, thereby providing an effective PCD processing time reduction up to 60%. The Neo offers low operating costs, and a space-saving footprint and is backed by industry-leading Agathon service, support, and application expertise.