IMTS 2016: Fives to Introduce a New Line of Giddings & Lewis Horizontal Boring Mills

May 25, 2016
Fives Giddings & Lewis goes toe-to-toe in cost competition by introducing a new line of U.S.-built T-bed boring mills with high accuracy and cutting capacity, but designed and priced for job-shops. T-bed or travelling column boring mills move the column in the Z-direction and the tables in X. Engineered for flat-floor installation, small footprint and low ceiling clearance, the first models of the machine are configured with a 10,000-kg capacity (22,000 lb) 1250 x 1400 mm (49.2 x 55.1 in) contouring rotary table. Optional 1400 x 1800 mm (55.1 x 70.9 in) tables are available. The new machine will be exhibited at IMTS in booth S-8109. The machines are sized to fit the smaller physical plant of most job shops and tool rooms. Low height and flat-floor installation facilitate machine relocation if necessary. An integral table-mounted pan helps contain chips and coolant. High-end features on the new machines include an electronically counterbalanced Y-axis headstock for superior contouring performance. The side-hung headstock improves visibility and access for the operator. The spindle snout reaches over the table for rigid cutting without extension and with spindle travel extends well beyond center. In addition, the spindle can reach below table top to probe for location on the table or a particular feature. Permanently greased spindle bearings reduce maintenance. The zero-backlash rotary table is powered by two independent motors and pinion drives that are tensioned against each other to compensate for any lost motion. The new Giddings & Lewis RT 130 and RT 155 boring mills feature 130 or 155 mm (5.1 or 6.1 in) diameter gear-driven spindles available with up to 45 kW (60 hp) and 3380 Nm (2493 ft lb) torque. All spindles are size 50 tool taper, and equipped with Giddings & Lewis' exclusive spindle thermal growth compensation. Heavy-duty linear ways on these machines utilize roller bearing carriages that ride on hardened and ground guideways. This rigid, low-friction system supports high loads and fast traverse speeds By eliminating the stick-slip and thermal growth common to box ways, linear ways facilitate better true positioning and contouring accuracy. They also require less lubrication, thus reducing coolant contamination. Standard X-Y-Z axis travels are 2000, 1500 and 1600 mm (78.7, 59.1, 63 in) with W axis spindle travel of 750 mm (29.5 in). All CNC's for the new machines are equipped with Fives Machining Systems new Diagnostic Communications System (DCS). The DCS allows customers to connect with Global Service technicians on a secure system to review active alarms and operator messages, operator and alarm histories, control parameter settings, PLC programs and the state of devices such as solenoids, switches and encoders. According to Fives, 30 to 40% of stoppages can be overcome immediately this way without waiting for a service call.
  • X-axis travel: 2000 mm

  • Optional X-axis travel: 3000 mm

  • Y-axis travel: 1500 mm

  • Optional Y-axis travel: 2000 mm

  • Z-axis travel: 1600 mm

  • Feeds / rapid traverse: 10 m/min

  • Table size: 1250 x 1400 mm

  • Optional table size: 1400 x 1800 mm

  • Allowable load: 10,000 kg

  • Spindle diameter: 130 or 155 mm

  • Speed: 3000 rpm

  • Power - S1-100% / S6-40%: 22 / 33 kW

  • Optional power - S1-100% / S6-40%: 30 / 45 kW

  • Torque - S1-100% / S6-40%: 1267 / 1900 Nm

  • Optional torque - S1-100% / S6-40%: 2254 / 3380 Nm