Tiger Bonded Abrasives for Cutting & Grinding

June 13, 2016
Weiler Corp., a leading provider of abrasives, power brushes, and maintenance products for surface conditioning, has announced the launch of its full line of Tiger bonded abrasives. The line includes cutting, grinding, and combo wheels available in high-performance, performance and value tiers, allowing users to prioritize between long life, fast cut, or both, depending on their specific application.

Line-up includes:

  • Tiger High-Performance - featuring ceramic-infused zirconia alumina, ideal for steel, stainless steel, armored steel, structural steel, cast iron, and Inconel
  • Tiger Performance - a combination of performance and value that offers a long-life solution for general-purpose applications
  • Wolverine - a rebranded and expanded line that offers new and improved large cutoff wheel and combination wheels ideal for use on carbon steel, iron, and general-purpose metal use