MV12Bx? Double-Column Machining Center

Feb. 20, 2023
Nidec's latest double-column machining center provides an eco-friendly operation that reduces environmental load and running costs with best-in-class speeds.

MV12Bx? is a double-column machining center that brings the best-in-class speed of a rapid traverse to reduce non-cutting time while achieving high productivity. The machine uses grease to lubricate all of its spindle and feed axes to improve energy efficiency and running cost and features an electric power unit that enables eco-friendly operations. Additionally, it meets a diverse range of production requirements, such as high-precision surface quality to general parts machining.


With the high speed of the rapid traverse, the MV12Bx? realizes the shorter non-cutting time, while its spindle’s maximum rotating speed sits at 7,000 rpm, and its motor output at 26kW.  With the use of an energy-efficient and low-noise electric power unit to operate its pump only when necessary, the machine consumes much less power than conventional hydraulic units that are always running. In addition, the adoption of the tribology technology that Nidec has developed, it enables the use of grease to lubricate MV12Bx?’s spindle and feeding axes, helping the machine to use less air and lubricant agent, to reduce running cost and operators’ workload.


Options include an automatic operator door, a coolant shower, and a selectable chip conveyor.



 Distance Between Columns

 57.5 in. (1,460 mm)


 Width 51.2 in. (1,300 mm)


 63 in. (1,600 mm)

 Loading Capacity

 6,613 lb. (3,000 kg)

 Distance From Table Surface to Spindle 

 7.9 to 33.8 in. (200 to 860 mm)

Axis Travel

 X 63 in. (1,600 mm)


 51.2 in. (1,300 mm)


 26 in. (660 mm)

Rapid Traverse

 X 157.5 in/min. (48 m/min.)


 105 in/min. (32 m/min.)


 Cutting Feed X, Y, and Z axes

 32.8 in/min. (10 m/min.)

 Spindle Speed

 7,000 rpm

 Motor Output

 26 kW



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