Air-Powered Saw Trims Concrete Pilings

July 9, 2016
A pneumatic saw and track mount system for trimming concrete pilings that provides an easy way to score them with a perfectly square cut has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts. The MILLHOG Air Powered Saw for trimming concrete pilings features a 14” fiberglass reinforced blade that has a 5” cutting depth and mounts onto a WrapTrack System which clamps around the pile circumference. Providing a trolley that mounts onto the track and supports the saw as it smoothly glides around on V-grooved stainless steel wheels, the operator score cuts around the piling to achieve a clean, square cut before trimming.


  • stainless steel bands
  • 28 sizes fit piles from 6 to 60 in. diam
  • operates on 90-psi shop air @ 80 cfm
  • safety relief valve prevents running at excessive speed