IMTS 2016: Gehring Releases New Lifehone L630 Modular Honing Machine

July 11, 2016
The Lifehone L630 offers a systematic approach to help ensure an efficient manufacturing process. Features include standard part applications that can be honed on the Lifehone range from sun gears to connecting rods, hydraulic sleeves and injector pump components. Small bore diameters often place different demands on the production technology than larger ones. The L630 has market-proven components in a modular design. Depending on customer requirements and the product spectrum to be finished, the machine is equipped with matching honing units. The Gehring honing control allows for precision controlled stroke speeds and reversal precision. An optional feature allows the stroke to be executed via a ball screw or a linear motor. The user friendly and clear graphic interface of the Gehring Operator Panel (GOP), as well as the program assistant, eases machine operation. The L630 machine is a honing center that can be equipped with one or two honing spindles. Depending on the machining task and the batch size, this type of machine can be equipped with a fixed or rotary table and up to eight workstations. Stations can also be used for measuring or brushing operations. The single-spindle version of the Lifehone series has a compact design and small footprint – an advantage to customers with limited space or those who need to frequently change the type of part that needs to be honed. This flexible two-spindle honing center allows for a two-stage honing process and shorter overall honing processing times. Gehring will display the Lifehone L630 at IMTS this year, along with its entire portfolio of honing technologies and services, from position and form honing, laser structuring to contract honing and displays of its tooling & abrasives products. Michael Schaefer of Gehring will hold daily technology briefings at Gehring Booth N-6740.

Booth N-6740

Technical Data

  • Stroke Length: 600 mm
  • Diameter: 3 - 90 mm
  • Spindle Drive: Servo Motor
  • RPM, max: 4500 1/min
  • Torque: 60 Nm
  • Stroke Drive: Ball Screw
  • Stroke Speed, max: 40
  • Stroke Acceleration, max: 25