Sample Conditioning Unit Mounts at Sampling Probe Exit

July 8, 2016

Sample Conditioning Unit mounts right at the sampling probe exit before the sampling hose, where the water can rapidly condense and separate immediately from the gas therefore minimizing any contact of the target gases with the liquid water.

This is crucial because the accurate emissions monitoring of soluble gases, present in flue gas from industrial and commercial processes, requires a sampling system designed to prevent significant loses of the SO2 and/or NO2 gases in the sampling lines prior to entering the analyzer or measuring device. The measured readings could be in excess of 20% lower than the actual values in the process.

  • Minimize NOx & SOx Loss from Condensation
  • Allows Accurate Low NO2 & SO2 Measurements Below 10 ppm
  • Available with All E Instruments’ Portable Emissions Analyzers