Stirrers, Hotplates &nd Stirring Hotplates Provide Reliable Performance, Dependable Safety

July 22, 2016
SuperNuova+ series stirrers, hotplates and stirring hotplates provide reliable performance, dependable safety and simple operation. SuperNuova+ units are available in two sizes and provide optimized controls and settings for applications that demand advanced precision. The SuperNuova+ series is for heating and stirring. Available in ceramic or aluminum top plates. The raised LED displays are easy-to-read and designed to protect the electronics from spills. Users have the ability to set programs (ramp/dwell) as well as save settings. Stainless steel PT100 temperature probe, supporting rod and clamp kit included with both hotplate and stirring hotplate. Stir bar comes standard with stirrer and stirring hotplate models. Optional PT1000 temperature probe and splash guard protection shield.


  • ceramic or aluminum top plates
  • raised LED displays are easy to read
  • users can set programs (ramp/dwell) and save settings
  • stainless steel temperature probe