MABasic 450 professional-grade, 2-speed portable magnetic drill cuts holes up to 1.63-in. diameter with annular cutters in structural steel and other metals. This heavy-duty workhorse has a 10.5 Amp/110V double-insulated motor and a no-load speed of 250 and 450 RPM.


With the included 0.75-in. geared chuck, this model easily converts to a standard drill press with a 6.33-in. stroke for conventional twist drilling up to 0.75-in. diameter. Compact (14.25-in. tall) and lightweight (29 lb.), the MABasic 450 is easily portable to the jobsite, making it the ideal hole-cutting solution for steel fabricators and contractors, as well as for plant maintenance operations.


The MABasic 450 is equipped with an internal lubrication system that increases the life of annular cutters by reducing friction and wear. The Electronic Safety Shutoff Sensor automatically shuts down the drill if the magnet loses contact with the material, protecting both operator and equipment. The machine’s magnet has a holding strength of 3,080 lb.

Motor Power10.5 Amp / 110VWeight29 lb.Stroke6.33 in.Hole Capacity1.75-in. dia.Twist Drill Capacity0.75-in. dia.Speeds250/450 RPM (2 gears)Magnet Base Size6.63 L x 3.33 in. WDimensions17 H x 9.5 L x 6.5 in. WMagnetic Force (1" plate)3,080 lb.Arbor Bore0.75-in. Weldon ShankSpindleMT2Internal LubricationOil Bottle Included