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Spring Loaded LVDTs Provide Precision Data

April 21, 2020
An extended family of Spring-Loaded LVDTs are for highly accurate and repeatable dimensional gaging of components as part of manufacturing quality assurance systems. Available...
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Valve Position Sensors

Jan. 22, 2020
NewTek LVDTs provide accurate position feedback in the monitoring and control of valves in many applications such as chemical plants, power plants on steam and gas turbines, hydroelectr...
830 350

Radiation Resistant LVDT Position Sensors

Oct. 7, 2019
NewTek introduces a new line of Radiation Resistant LVDTs that provide critical position measurements in autoclaves, particle accelerators, nuclear power plants, submarines, spacecraft...
830 350
Electrical & Electronics

LVDT Signal Conditioner

June 13, 2019
The NTC-6000 LVDT Signal Conditioner pairs with nearly any AC-operated LVDT, RVDT or LVRT half bridge to deliver reliable position feedback in 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V or RS-485 formats...