Radiation Resistant LVDT Position Sensors

Oct. 7, 2019

NewTek introduces a new line of Radiation Resistant LVDTs that provide critical position measurements in autoclaves, particle accelerators, nuclear power plants, submarines, spacecraft and other applications with radiation exposure.  Constructed of radiation-tolerant and hardened materials, these AC-operated linear position sensors operate continuously in demanding radiation environments without failure or decay.  Units are rated to withstand up to 100 MRad total integrated flux and have been successfully tested for high levels of radiation exposure.



The most common applications for NewTek Radiation Resistant LVDTs include measuring the position of nuclear fuel rods, control rods, steam and control valves in nuclear power plants, missile fins, submarine valves, and fins, as well as actuators and components of objects in space.  For example, in a power plant that contains numerous control valves, these radiation-resistant displacement sensors provide accurate and reliable feedback on valve position to increase operating efficiency.


NewTek offers radiation-resistant options on most standard and semi-custom AC-operated LVDTs and on position sensors with temperature ratings from cryogenic to 500°C.   The company also offers hermetically-sealed versions of its units. Without any internal electronic circuity, linear position sensors operate in irradiated areas where radiation values can exceed limits of DC-operate sensors with internal electronics.  Associated signal conditioning electronics can remain safe in a shielded location – sometimes hundreds of feet away from the sensor.


NewTek Radiation Resistant Position Sensors feature high resolution, excellent repeatability, shock and vibration resistance as well as high Mean Time Between Failures.