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15 Church St.
Wheatland, PA 16161

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As a division of PTR Group, American Cap Company, LLC is a global leader in manufacturing compressed gas cylinder accessories and other cylinder components founded in 1988. American Cap Company, LLC has an over 2,000 sq. ft. facility in Wheatland, Pennsylvania with an experienced team dedicated to serving the needs of our customers. Its facility and processes are established to provide quick turn around on high-volume production requirements while focusing on continuous improvement and cost reduction.


PTR Group is a multi-company business group that offers customers world-class contract manufacturing of components and subassemblies in metal and plastics. PTR Group is comprised of three companies, which include American Cap Company, LLC, PTR Tool & Plastics, LLC, and ACCI Industries. By joining as a business group, PTR Group can be a single-contact source with multiples capabilities to increase customer efficiencies in manufacturing and purchasing.

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Compressed Gas Safety Snap Caps for Cylinder Valves

Nov. 15, 2005
Safety Snap Caps are designed for safety and valve access security. This design allows easy access to the valve handle without having to remove the protective cap and without ...