Compressed Gas Safety Snap Caps for Cylinder Valves

Nov. 15, 2005

Safety Snap Caps are designed for safety and valve access security. This design allows easy access to the valve handle without having to remove the protective cap and without having to replace the regulators each time access to the cylinder is needed.


Snap Caps provide safety and security for the valve with the regulator attached. Once the safety cap is mounted to the cylinder and the regulator is attached, unauthorized access to the valve handle can be achieved by locking the cap into position. For day-to-day usage of the cylinder, the lock is removed, and the cap is opened for access to the valve handle.

  • Limits Unauthorized Access to Valve
  • Anti-theft Feature
  • Available for High Pressure (Oxygen) and Low Pressure (Acetylene) Cylinders
  • Meets ISO 11117, DOT 49 CFR, CSA B340, and CGA V-9