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New Parflange® 1050 Produces Both Flares and Flanges

Aug. 2, 2007
Parker Hannifin’s Tube Fittings Division has introduced the Parflange 1050 high-production workstation capable of producing both flat face flanges and 37° flares for tube assemblies...
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Tubes & Fittings

Triple-Lok® Swivel Connection Yields Higher Pressure Ratings

Sept. 6, 2006
Significantly higher pressure ratings and greater reliability are two of the performance enhancements built in to the new Triple-Lok® Swivel Connection from Parker Hannifin Corp...
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Pipe Tools

Tube Benders’ Handles Adjust to Stay Out of the Way

July 26, 2006
Line of tube benders features adjustable handles that prevent interference often encountered with single-stage benders. Tools are available in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2-in. sizes for ...
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Tubes & Fittings

High-Flow, Medium-Pressure Fittings

April 6, 2006
A reliable, compact fitting solution for applications with high flow and low to medium system pressures, Seal-Lok Lite tube fitting system is also adaptable to a line of light...
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Filters & Separators

Hydraulic Line Screens

Nov. 3, 2005
Screen fittings offer an additional in-line/in-port "last chance" protection scheme against contamination in hydraulic systems. They are available in nominal ratings from 65 to...