New Parflange® 1050 Produces Both Flares and Flanges

Aug. 2, 2007
Parker Hannifin’s Tube Fittings Division has introduced the Parflange 1050 high-production workstation capable of producing both flat face flanges and 37° flares for tube assemblies. Featuring an automatic cycle start triggered by tube insertion, automatic die-clamping mechanism and improved tool lubrication system, the 1050 fabricates a fully functioning flange or flare in less than 20 seconds, with little or no setup time. Parker’s patented Parflange technology provides a reliable and leak-free flange or flare tube connection, and eliminates the need for braze or weld joints, where a potential leak could occur. Depending on tube material and wall thickness, the 1050 can accommodate a maximum tube capacity up to 1-1/2" OD (38 mm), which covers the majority of tube flanging and flaring applications. When flanging, a patented orbital cold forming process mechanically attaches the tube to the sleeve. The 1050 progressively flares then flanges the tube end, reducing the possibility of damaging or cracking the tube end when creating a flange. The finished flange is strengthened by the support of the sleeve, and has a smooth, clean surface for sealing purposes. When flaring, the tube flare is also created using an orbital forming process, resulting in a smooth, clean 37° flare. Parflange 1050 Features: · Flange/flare capabilities from 1/4" to 1-1/2" (6 mm - 38 mm) tube OD · Automatic die-clamping mechanism with protective operator safety shield · Workstation setup with tooling cabinet below the unit holds up to 10 pin and die sets · Automatic cycle start triggered by tube insertion · Improved tooling lubrication system · Flanging and flaring pin and die sets can be quickly changed with minimal manual adjustments · Designed for easy mobility by wheels, forklift or crane