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Linear Motion & Positioning

Pure Analog Throughput For Very High Brushless Motor Resolution

Jan. 30, 2009
The TA333 High Power Linear Drive is the newest addition to the Trust Automation line of high performance drives. The TA333 drive features a true Class-AB linear amplifier with...
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High Current, Trapezoidal Drive for Battery Powered, Hall Commutated, 3-Phase Brushless Motors

Aug. 11, 2008
Trust Automation has introduced the TA2215, a compact, low cost, programmable, high current, 3-phase trapezoidal drive for DC brushless motors. The high efficiency TA2215 drive...
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New, Three-Phase Linear Drive Does Not Sacrifice Acceleration for Resolution!

March 22, 2006
Additionally, the very low electrical noise of the TA330 linear drive makes it ideal for integration in or near systems that have noise sensitive circuitry, such as transducers...