Pure Analog Throughput For Very High Brushless Motor Resolution

Jan. 30, 2009
The TA333 High Power Linear Drive is the newest addition to the Trust Automation line of high performance drives.  The TA333 drive features a true Class-AB linear amplifier with pure analog throughput at currents up to 25A.  Highly configurable, the drive can be used with a brushless motor using external sinusoidal commutation, with an internally commutated brushless motor with Hall Effect sensor feedback for smooth trapezoidal operation, a 2-phase stepper motor, or up to two voice coil motors.  The drive is ideal for applications such as: “very high resolution” inspection systems, metrology instruments, and medical applications. The TA333 is ideal for overcoming issues such as high inertia mismatched stages and low inductance motors. It is easily configured for three-phase DC brushless servo motors using Hall Effect sensors, three-phase AC brushless motors using external sinusoidal commutation, single-phase DC brushed servo motors in bridged mode, brushless linear motors and voice coil linear actuators.  This flexibility allows motion system designers to easily integrate the latest developments in sinusoidal motor control and its benefits of zero cogging, no torque ripple, and smooth motion. For applications requiring extremely low electrical noise the TA333 linear drive utilizes an external 24 VDC source of power for the internal logic.  For applications, which are not as sensitive to electrical noise, an internal 24 VDC source can be used. The very low electrical noise of the TA333 linear drive makes it ideal for integration in or near systems that have noise sensitive circuitry, such as transducers and sensors.  Also the audible noise problems associated with PWM Drives are eliminated and the typical hall “ticking” noise associated with Trapezoidal commutation is greatly reduced.This powerful ±100 Volt, 25 Amp peak linear drive can be configured to interface with any motion controller with a ±10 VDC command output.  High performance sinusoidal commutation systems require a motion controller with the capability to generate two ±10 VDC command signals.  The third command signal is generated by the drive to maintain the highest level of precision.  The TA333 can be set up to operate in trapezoidal mode using Hall Effect sensors as feedback.  The drive also features DTS (Dynamic Transconductance Selection) control, which allows the transconductance (torque control) to be changed on-the-fly allowing very high resolution control without sacrificing power for resolution capability.Compact, measuring just 14.9 in. (37.9 mm) X 7.7 (19.5 mm) X 4.7 (11.9 mm), the TA333 has integral thermally controlled variable speed forced air cooling, a housing designed to protect against operator injury, easily made connections using ribbon connectors, SMB coaxial connectors, and pluggable-terminal connectors, all demonstrating Trust Automation’s commitment to operator safety, quiet environment, and ease of integration.