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Parker-TexLoc has long been considered the world leader in the manufacture of Innovative Fluoroplastic Tubing products. Our high quality, Teflon? like products are used throughout the Chemical Processing, Aerospace, Robotics, Medical, and Semi-Conductor industries. With more than 25 years in the industry, our success is based on relentless attention to our customer's needs.
On-time delivery, quick reaction to changing needs, custom engineered products, unparalleled service and our commitment to meet or exceed every customer's expectations has been the cornerstone for our growing customer base every year.

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Tubes & Fittings

Retractable Coils Increase Heat Exchanger Life

Aug. 21, 2010
Parker TexLoc fluoroplastic coiled tubing is a spiral formed tube manufactured in TEXfluor® FEP or PFA that consists of a single or double retractable coil in a single tube. In...
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Tubes & Fittings


Sept. 30, 2008
A full range of conductive fluoroplastic tubing that is offered in a variety of sizes and configurations to eliminate and prevent the build-up of static charges is available from...
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Hose & Tubing

PTFE Fire Resistant Heat Shrink Protects Components

March 25, 2008
PTFE Texflour™ Heat Shrinkable Tubing, from Parker-TexLoc of Ft. Worth, Texas, is a fluoropolymer heat shrink that protects components from heat, sparks and contaminants. With...
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Tubes & Fittings

Flexible FEP Corrugated Tubing Turns Sharp Corners Without Reducing Flow

Feb. 28, 2008
Tex-Flex™ FEP corrugated tubing from Parker-TexLoc is capable of turning sharp corners with very small bend diameters without reducing the inside diameter of the tube. In fact...
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Fluoropolymer Tubing Increases Life of Heat Exchangers

Dec. 27, 2007
Parker-TexLoc Fluoropolymer FEP and PFA tubing can be formed and welded into heat exchanger transport lines that offer a non-stick, bacteria free transport of deionized water ...