PTFE Fire Resistant Heat Shrink Protects Components

March 25, 2008
PTFE Texflour™ Heat Shrinkable Tubing, from Parker-TexLoc of Ft. Worth, Texas, is a fluoropolymer heat shrink that protects components from heat, sparks and contaminants.  With a V-O flammability rating, it is often used in applications where fire hazards are present, such as aircraft harnesses or electrical cable assemblies.  In addition, it is self-extinguishing and handles temperatures as high as 500°F (260°C).  PTFE Texflour™ Heat Shrinkable Tubing is supplied in an expanded state, allowing easy slippage over cables, fittings and other protrusions.  When heated, the tubing conforms to the size and shape of the original object, providing a protective covering.  It may also be used to repair electrical wiring, fittings, cords and other objects that need to be protected from heat, water, dust or corrosion. PTFE Texflour™ Heat Shrink is available in sizes ranging as small as .020” / .51mm up to 2” / 51mm. Standard product is offered in 2:1 and 4:1 shrink ratio’s and most standard products are supplied with a thin wall, promoting quick installations.  The thin wall also keeps the tubing flexible when flexibility is an issue.    Custom expansion ratio’s, sizes and samples are available upon request.