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Material Handling & Packaging

Temperature Monitor

March 9, 2011
ShockWatch has announced the availability of its latest temperature monitoring innovation for goods in transit. TempMark 8 merges industry demands for ascending and descending...
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FleetControl™ Manager Monitors Forklifts, Increases ROI on Vehicle-mounted Computers

April 23, 2008
For forklifts and other warehouse trucks utilizing vehicle-mounted computers (VMC), ShockWatch – the global leader in developing and manufacturing damage prevention products –...
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ShockWatch® Adds a Date and Time Feature to the MAG 2000 Impact Indicator

Aug. 14, 2006
ShockWatch, a global leader in developing and manufacturing Damage Prevention products used in a variety of industries and applications, announced today the addition of a date...
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Real-Time, Wireless Equipment Monitoring

April 8, 2006
UsageManager provides wireless transmissions of real-time hourly equipment usage data, enabling maintenance scheduling based on actual run-hours. It can be used with a variety...