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Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) is a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying complete thermal and mechanical packaging solutions, from analysis and testing to final production. ATS provides air and liquid cooling solutions and laboratory-quality thermal instrumentation, as well as thermal design consulting services and training. For more information about ATS, visit or email [email protected].

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Electrical & Electronics

Ultra-Cool Heat Sink Family

Feb. 6, 2020
ATS provides a family of ultra-high performance heat sinks for cooling high powered CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and AI processors. This ultra-cool family includes active heat sinks...
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Pipes & Fittings

Copper Heat Pipes for Low-Cost Cooling

Aug. 7, 2019
ATS has expanded its line of flat and round copper heat pipes for electronics thermal management. More than 350 standard ATS heat pipes provide low-cost cooling solutions for&...
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Temperature & Humidity

tvLYT Portable Liquid Crystal Thermography Measurement

Oct. 29, 2018
tvLYT is a high-resolution liquid crystal thermography system that provides a cost-effective and portable solution for precision temperature measurement of electronics, circuit...
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Cooling Equipment

Innovative Liquid Cold Plates

March 9, 2018
ATS high-performance liquid cold plates are constructed with an innovative fin design, featuring an optimized aspect ratio, which offers more than 30% improvement in thermal performance...
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Electrical & Electronics

Customized Pin-Fin Heat Sinks

Aug. 25, 2017
Pin Fin heat sinks are equipped with a high aspect ratio design that enables them to provide low thermal resistance from base to fins in systems where the airflow measures 200...
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Heating Equipment

Liquid-to-Air Heat Exchangers Maximize Heat Transfer

June 16, 2017
A line of tube-to-fin, liquid-to-air heat exchangers are made with the industry's highest-density fins to maximize heat transfer from liquid to air, allowing the liquid to be ...
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Electrical & Electronics

clipKIT Heat Sink Attachment System

July 21, 2015
The clipKIT heat sink attachment system improves heat sink performance in thermal transfer, and vibration and shock resistance. Instead of relying on thermal tape or...