Customized Pin-Fin Heat Sinks

Aug. 25, 2017

Pin Fin heat sinks are equipped with a high aspect ratio design that enables them to provide low thermal resistance from base to fins in systems where the airflow measures 200+ LFM (linear feet per minute). The cross-cut design allows the Pin Fin heat sinks to be effective in systems where the airflow is ambiguous.


These high-efficiency platform products, made from extruded aluminum, are available in component sizes from 10 mm x 10 mm to 60 mm x 60 mm. Heat sink heights range from 2 mm to 25 mm. At higher airflows, Pin Fin Heat Sinks can provide thermal resistance as low as 2.5°C/W without adding significant cost or weight to the design.


Custom and standard solutions are available and all are ideal for spatially constrained designs. Pin Fin heat sinks are versatile and can be attached with standard thermal tape or with clipKIT, featuring either maxiGRIP or superGRIP. 

  • High efficiency pin fin design provides low pressure drop characteristics
  • Large surface area increases heat sink performance
  • Fabricated from extruded aluminum, which minimizes thermal resistance from the base to the fins, reduces weight and keeps cost low
  • Comes standard without interface material, or with most common pressure sensitive thermal tapes as a custom option